martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

La Ley de la silla horrorosa...

Hoy leí un artículo que me dejó con la piel chinita (ok, ok, lo admito, tal ves últimamente he leído demasiados artículos de: eres hermosa, eres maravillosa, viva hurra tuuuu!!) Pero este me gustó mucho porque usó una silla como ejemplo.. and I loooove chairs jijijiji...

El artículo se llama: Posibilidades y la Ley Divina de la Silla Fea... veamos que les parece:

Possibilities & The Divine Law of The Ugly Chair

In a past life, I did a bit of interior design work to pay the bills. This was a common scene: The homeowners and I do a walk through of their house. In the living room is a garish chair. Fugly. Usually a lounger, often with some kind of floral pattern. The couple has brought me in because they want fresh, contemporary, comfort. “What’s with the chair?” I ask. “We know it’s horrible, we hate it. But we haven’t had the money to get a new one.” Me: “Get rid of it this weekend.” Them: “But what will we sit on?” Me: “Sit on the floor. Pile up on the couch. You’ll figure it out. The sooner you get rid of it, the sooner the right chair will show up.”
They resist.
Them: “But they’ll be a…big…hole in the room.” Me: “Yep! It’s called space! Every time you walk by that space, you’ll be thinking about how great a new chair is going to feel.”
They resist.
Them: “But shouldn’t we order the ideal chair first, before we get rid of the old one? Have the new one delivered, then have the old one taken away?” Me: “Actually, it’s better of you don’t. Let the space be there. It’ll change the way you look at the whole room. And besides, maybe a chair isn’t what’s best. You won’t know until you let go…of the chair.”
The light dawns. One half of the couple pipes up, “You know, I really can’t wait to get rid of that fucking chair.” Nodding. Grins. “I’ll call the Goodwill pick up guys.” Action! It’s a beautiful sight when right that very instant, the couple each takes an arm of the chair and they heave it into the garage for it’s re-using destiny.

Letting go makes way for something closer to your truth…which is always more beautiful. Always.

Making space signals the universe that you’re ready for ideal…or at the very least, much improved.

Making space expands your being and clarifies (and dare I say, actually minimizes) your needs.

The Divine Law of the Ugly Chair applies as much to furniture and stuff, as it does to lovers, jobs, and thought forms.

Because: Going without, and holding out, is better than selling out. Always.

Humor me with the chair metaphor a bit longer. You’ve got the nasty chair (or…jacket, boss, incessant critical thought, ceramic mug,) in your space. Every time you come across it in your physical or psychic area, you consciously or subtly think, “Meh, that damn… chair…jacket…boss, thought, mug.” And you affirm to yourself that you put up with fugly, or nasty, or uncomfortable. You make “making do” your normal. You’re giving sacred space to something that isn’t sacred to you.

Things you don’t use. People who use you. Possessions-roles-gigs that make you feel pinched, or awkward, cheated, compromised, heavy, confused…stuffed — they need to go. You know this. But it’s not just because dumping the chump and reducing your carbon foot print is right action, and life-affirming, and socially responsible. It’s because possibility requires space to unfold.

Clear space.
Expand possibility.

Creo... creo.... que por fin estoy lista para dejar el espacio vacio por un ratito... y simplemente ver como se siente. Y decirle al universo que estoy lista para una silla nueva, o un reposet.. mmm o un tapete bonito?? Who knows?... only space and time will tell...

Love juice millones de litros,

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  1. Germanita, ahi viene un sillón hermoso, chaise longue o lo que tu quieras. Ya está esperándote!
    Proud of you jumpy frog!


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